Feb. 2014

Feb. 2014

Lapis Tequila Platinum

The aromas are earthy with scents of caramelized agave, blanched almonds, vanilla, mild citrus, flowers and a touch of pepper. These evocative scents are very delicate and become more apparent after the first sip.

At first sip there is a pleasant warmth that is very cleansing. The flavors are also better understood after a second nosing. The tastes begin by restating the aromas in dry deliberation and build to include rice water, cardamom toasted nuts and honey water.

When the first sipping is re-informed by another nosing and then turned into a full taste, not only were the tempting aromas amplified, but it seems that the palate is now attenuated to the delicate layers flavor. This delicate profile is obviously intend and well executed.

The finish is crisp and layered replaying the flavors with a nice warmth that stays with you a while. I say warmth, but it is more like a “cooling” warmth??? Which really doesn't make sense. There is also a surprising bit minty-ness in the after taste, which I also noticed upon reading the añejo review.

Lapis Platinum is an-outstanding tequila. You could easily sip it or make a delectable, spirit forward beverage.
 Try this tequila neat at room temperature.

– Forrest Cokely C.S.S.

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